15 Pcs Homing Pigeon Water Guide Feeder Bird Feeding Bowl Chicken Run Accessories Automatic Dispenser Utensils Birds Waterer

Price: 3,050 - 1,555


Made of premium plastic material, it is durable, safe and
reliable. Easy to install, just put in a bird cage. It can be used to
hold food or water. Suitable for birds, hamsters, rabbits, mice,
squirrels, etc. Convenient for busy pet owners.


-Color: As Shown
-Material: Plastic
-Size: 10.80X4.80X3.80cm/4.24X1.89X1.49in
Eco-friendly plastic, material, for durable and long-lasting use.
-When you are busy, just fill the bottle with water, so you don’t have to worry about bird drinking.
-Perfect for pigeon, parrot, and other small animals drinking use.
-It has a simple appearance, but has a practical usage.
-Refine workmanship, fine details, double ports ensures its practicality.

15 x Water Dispensers