12V/24V Electric Heating Cup Kettle Stainless Steel Water Heater Bottle for Tea Coffee Drinking Travel Car Truck Kettle 750ML

Price: 4,254 - 2,631


– Made of high quality material and stainless steel plug, it is durable for high safety.

– With temperature control, it will automatically turn off when the water temperature is up to 100℃.

– The non-slip handle is ergonomically designed and comfortable to grip, convenient to pour water.

– The red indicator light turns on when heated and the green indicator light s up to keep warm.

– This electric kettle is designed for car use, 750ml large volume, suitable for travel or outdoor activities.


Material: Stainless Steel

Voltage: 12V / 24V (Optional)

Wattage: 240W

Capacity: 750ml


Fill with water, close the cap and insert the cigarette lighter socket Plug into the car cigarette lighter socket. The red indicator light will start to heat up, after heating to 100 degrees, it will automatically turn off to save heat, and the green indicator light will be on.


1. Before using the kettle, please dry clean (the inside of the cup can be washed), do not wet the electrical components to prevent short circuit and damage.

2. Only use the specified power supply, that is, distinguish between 12V and 24V. It is forbidden to mix.

3. Do not heat when there is no water inside the cup, the electric heating tube must be completely immersed in water.

4. The water level should not be higher than the stainless steel body to avoid overfilling.

5. After boiling, turn off the power, then press the switch.

Packing list:

1 x Electric Kettle

1 x User Manual