10pcs 3mm 10mm 20mm30mm ESD Anti Static Pin Insertion High Density Foam Soundproofing Foam Sound-Absorbing Noise Sponge Foam

Price: 663 - 816


100% Brand new & High quality
1. Water resistance: High density, anti-moisture, good water resistance.
2. Corrosion resistance: Resistance to organic solvent, acid, alkali, etc.
3. Excellent secondary processing performance: Easy to hot-pressing, cutting, coating, laminating, easy to shape.
4.Temperature resistant: flame retardant and flame retardant grade is V0 standards, can be resistant to cold and exposure.
5. Heat insulation, sound insulation, wear resistance, not easy to loss.
6. Sound insulation: High density closed cell, good sound insulation.
7. Anti-vibration: resilient and high tensile strength, toughness, has a good shock / buffer performance.

Packaged included:
1set=10pcs x High Density Foam