10L Large Capacity Mini Portable Refrigerator Car And Home Dual Purpose Refrigerator Cold And Hot Dual Control Refrigerator

Price: 10,749 - 5,375

Purchase Notice: Due to the large volume and weight of this product, shipping costs may be relatively expensive. Suggest buyers to choose Cainiao Heavy Parcel Line as the logistics method,the shipping cost will be relatively cheap, but this logistics method will take a longer transportation time. Please choose according to your personal needs!

Product features:

(1)  10L large capacity.
(2)  Bass operation,won’t disturb you.
(3)  High tech refrigeration,free of chlorofluorocarbons and radiation free.
(4)  Cold and hot dual control,available all year round.
(5)  Easy to operate,simple and clear.
(6)  Dual use car and home.

Product specifications:
*Product capacity:10L.
*Product weight:3.2kg.
*Product cooling temperature:about 20℃ below the current ambient temperature,with a minimum of 5.
*Product heating temperature:maximum heating temperature of 65℃. (not affected by environmental temperature)
*Product size:25 * 24.5 * 32cm.
*Rated power:52W.
*Rated voltage:12V/220V.
*Product material:ABS.

Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. 
The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

Product Description:
Cold and hot dual control,available all year round.

Exquisite refrigeration.
Summer refrigeration,Winter heating.

High tech refrigeration,free of fluorine and chlorine.
Radiation shielding technology makes your family healthier.

Display on the back of the product.
Heat dissipation hole,Cold and hot adjustment switch mains connection.

Rear mounted control panel.
Green light cooling,red light heating,one click switching.
Dual use for home and car,12V/220V-240V power conversion,convenient and fast.

Product details:
1,Humanized handle:can be embedded in the refrigerator to hide,beautiful and practical.
2,Snap suction door device:concave door handle for easy opening and closing.
3,Heat dissipation device:fan for heat dissipation,breathable grid.
4,Fully enclosed aluminum inner liner:capable of 360 degree full coverage to achieve rapid cooling effect.
5,Silicone sealing strip:Food grade silicone, with strong sealing performance and easy cleaning.
6,Cold and hot control buttons,power socket:DC car power socket,AC household power socket.
7,Removable storage board:multiple storage methods.