10 Inch 4K 3840*2160P WIFI GPS Car Dvr Mirror Dash Cam Dual Len Dashcam Drive Recorder Stream RearView Mirror IPS Screen Camera

Price: 17,245 - 12,352

About Single-Len DVR:
If you ordered a single-len DVR(Only 4K Front Camera) and plan to use other rear view cameras to connect.
We make it clear: this is the wrong choice and it won't work.
If you need to realize the function of the rear view camera, it is recommended that you directly order the kit with the original 1080P rear view camera.
4K Streaming Media DVR Mirror:
Streaming media rearview mirror use full screen instead of original reaview mirror. Display rear image of vehicle on screen in real time through camera. It is not affected by obstacles or natural weather. 4K resolution & High-Dynamic Range:
Are you missing important information because the resolution is too low? If yes, you should need a 4K mirror dash cam. Our dash cam records 4K resolution(3840*2160) video, offering a clear, smooth live video. Built-in 4K Ultra HD Sensor, WDR technology plus 7 glass fixed-focus lens. It can provide excellent video quality even in overexposed or dark environments.

Streaming Media DVR Mirror:

The streaming rearview mirror uses full screen instead of the original viewing mirror. The rear image of the vehicle is displayed on the screen in real time through the camera. Compared with the rear view mirror, it is less affected by bad weather and has a clear view. Full-screen display and 3x rear view to expand the driver's field of vision. Keep
your driving safe.

WIFI Phone Control:

This rear view mirror camera has built-in WiFi that supports you to play real-time video and replay recorded video. By using Phone APP, you can also download and share videos to social media or your families. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Front Camera Design:

Of view.With this thoughtful front lens design, you no longer have to worry about the rain sensor touching the DVR's field.

Dash cam with GPS:

If you order the dash cam comes with GPS,the included GPS module helps record the location, direction while driving,and replay the saved video through a dedicated GPS player, providing more detailed and reliable evidence in case of accidents.

Enhanced Night Vision: 

Equipped with advanced WDR ( WDR technology ) F1.8 Large Aperture, 7-Glass Lens, the 4K front and 1080P backup camera can automatically balance the light and dark area of the video to give you a better night vision experience.

About the Buck Line (24-Hour Parking Monitoring):

If you are worried about your car being damaged by someone else after parking, you can use our buck line to connect the DVR to ensure that the recorder works 24 hours.

Video Time-lapse:

If the kit you ordered includes our original Buck Line, in the state of parking monitoring, it can realize the time-lapse video function, record one frame per second, which can greatly save the memory capacity.

Parking Assistance:

Smart rear view angle switch between driving and parking.You could see all further vehicles and objects clearly behind you while real-time driving and it will switch  the rear view camera  automatically to give a closer backup image when parking. 

Loop recording, Gravity sensing, Parking monitoring:

10 Inch Full View Screen:

10-inch full-view touch screen with 2.5D curved glass mirror. Clear and smooth images are delivered without delay,and the color is more expressive!